Payment Policy

Affiliate balance withdrawal

For you to apply for a withdrawal of your affiliate balance, you must reach the withdrawal limit which is clearly stated on your affiliate dashboard. During this application for the withdrawal of your affiliate balance, you are required to choose your payment method from the list of payment methods provided in the withdrawal section.

Payment of your affiliate balance

Payment of your affiliate balance on ConnectYu can be done in two ways and ConnectYu exclusively own the rights to choose from these two options below;

a. Pay directly to you in cash using the payment option you selected during the application for your withdrawal.

b. Pay directly into your ConnectYu wallet (Funds in your wallet can be used to send to friends and family on ConnectYu or make in-app purchases on the ConnectYu Products and affiliate products.

Your payment shall be successfully processed only if:
• All your points are legit. Only the points you have genuinely earned by full filling the exact action as advertised shall be paid for, while the rest shall be ignored and dissolved after proof of their legitimacy is sent to you.

• All your referrals are verified. If your referrals are not verified, your payment will remain pending for a period of 3 months before being ignored. Note: It is your duty to ensure that they get verified so that you can get paid.


Continues abuse of any feature of the ConnectYu Products or any part of our policy and community guidelines may lead to a suspension, termination, or the delete of your account(s) on the ConnectYu Products with no notification.

Last Updated: May 11, 2020