Some changes to take note of in ConnectYu 2.0

The highly awaited stable version of connectyu is here with a few changes worth mentioning.


-how do I know someone is verified
The green circle on a user’s profile picture and a green tick to left, referred to as the verification batch is the only way to prove that any user on connectyu is a human being. This should be noted by anyone doing any form of business on the connectyu platform.
-how do I get verified
The only way to get verified on connctyu is to purchase either of our pro packs.
Here is the link to take action
These are the set of measures at the disposal of the users to enable them to customize their experience of the platform.
-where are these features: click here
can choose to indicate or not to other users when they are online.
can choose who can follow, message or see their friends.
can choose who can see your friends, birthday when you were last online, not talk of the options to share or restrict to other users your location and activities.
Can allow search engines to index your profile and posts, when you disable this option no one will be able to locate your profile or posts in any search engine.
connectyu sessions
-what are connectyu sessions.
this page contains a history of devices that logged into your account clearly stating the browser they used and the time. This is where users can easily check to know if someone used their account in their absence.
Click here:
two-factor authentication system
once enabled, any time you want to login to your account, the platform will automatically send a one-time verification password to your email, which you are required you submit before you can access your account thereby adding another layer of security to your account. Click here:
Connectyu marketplace
What can users all users do in the marketplace?
-can buy and sell goods and services in our marketplace
-can buy products on connectyu using cowries.
-shopping carts are now available users can choose multiple products and buy them at once.
-users can request products and sellers contact them to supply.
Connectyu monetization.
Users can now;
-benefit each time someone they referred makes a purchase on the platform
- benefit from up to the fourth downlink of our multi-level marketing system
- earn beads while using the platform
More to come in my next post
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