5 powerful stages of change that will get you excited

In this post, you will discover how sustainable change evolve’s. Such insights will equip you in making and managing relevant changes in your life.

As individuals, we will often be required to make relevant changes, in our lives, so as to live out the fullest expression of ourselves. Some relevant changes involve: change of habit, change of lifestyle, organizational changes and lots more. Honestly, making and sustaining change is not an easy process but it is worthwhile if you must make the most of your life and business. The following five stages of change will guide and equip you in the process:

1. Pre contemplation. When you pre contemplate, you don’t yet identify any need to change. And you remain limited at this stage. 

2. Contemplation. When you are actively contemplating, you are still considering the advantages and disadvantages of making the change. It is however a good beginning for the change making process.

3. Preparation. This is the stage where you actually prepare to make a change. You establish a plan with concrete steps that identify what you are going to do differently.

4.  Action. This is where you engage in activities that will bring about the needed change. Here, the change actually takes place.

5. Maintenance. These are set of plans you make to sustain the change process.

As a wise man once said “ The hallmark of excellence and the test of greatness is consistency” your consistency in pursuing change is what makes you transformed by the process. 

Therefore if you must make the most of your life, you should approach the change making process with passion and consistency.

I hope this post was interesting and insightful. See you in my next article. Do have a blessed day 

Nestor D Nji

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