5 key questions to be answered, for your self-awareness.

The following write up will reveal the secret questions you must ask and answer, to become the best version of yourself, fulfilling your fullest potential while living a meaningful and productive life.

   Once you have truly discovered who you are and are becoming, your reason for existence (purpose) where you are going (vision and destiny) what you can or can’t do (potential) and areas of your life you need to improve on or habits you must eliminate, your self- confidence is always intact, because you need no one or anything external from you to govern your life or seek validation from. You are always intrinsically motivated to become the best version of yourself


  True Self-awareness requires The Discovery Of One’s True Potential In Order To Cultivate It, One’s Vision In Order To Plan It, Ones Purpose In Order To Pursue It, One’s Unique Strengths In Order To Improve On Them, And One’s Weaknesses In Order To Overcome Them.

    You must Therefore ask and answer five key questions to guide the discovery of your unique potential, purpose, strength, weaknesses, vision and destiny. these questions are;

1)Who am I? this question has to do with your unique identity. For example I am a citizen of Gods kingdom on earth and so can’t be intimidated by any race, social statues, and earthly circumstance. 

2)Where am I from? This question has to do with your unique heritage. For example, I am from the kingdom of heaven, coming through Cameroon in Africa. And so I can succeed any where in the world including my country, circumstances not with standing 

3)Why am I here? This question has to do with your unique purpose.  For example, I am here to cultivate human potential and develop sustainable communities. 

4) What can I do? This question has to do with your unique potential, strengths and weaknesses.  For example, I am a human resource developer and an entrepreneur 

5)Where am I going? This question has to do with your vision and destiny. For example, I am here to develop one million proactive change makers and sustainable communities globally through out my lifetime on earth.

   I will encourage you to spend some time alone beginning from now, as you ponder on these 5 key questions, you can seek God for answers in fasting and prayers if you are a Christian. Remember these self-awareness questions especially from question 3 to 5 are lifetime questions to be asked always as we keep evolving in life. I wish you the best as you get the best answers to these questions.

Nestor D Nji

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