Is Banning Electronic Cigarettes Bad For Smokers?

Is Banning Electronic Cigarettes Bad For Smokers?

Smokers who are trying to quit or stay away from tobacco turn to electronic cigarettes as a haven. From a risk-reduction standpoint, electronic cigarettes are far better than tobacco. It is never claimed that electronic cigarettes do not have the same risks, but it is better than puffing tobacco again. That is why smokers have been asking lawmakers why they are pushing electronic cigarettes to the wall? What is the reason to deny vaping to millions of smokers that can get a reprieve and ultimately save their lives and live healthier?

Chicago has joined the cities of New York and Los Angeles in banning the use of electronic cigarettes. There are a host of other places in America that are no longer allowing the act of vaping in public. The limitations have been arduous for smokers who have switched to vaping from smoking to better deal with their addiction.

Electronic cigarettes were under the radar for so long. They are battery-operated fake cigarettes that do not burn anything, unlike a conventional cigarette. Even the thing that billows from a vape is different from tobacco which is more vapor than smoke. The steam carries nicotine which has no known adverse health effects. There have been claims that nicotine can cause reproductive problems and even heart disease risks, but scientific studies have verified none.


Exhaustive health studies, albeit small in scope, have shown that electronic cigarettes do not pose any danger in the short term. Some toxins can be detected from the vapor of an electronic cigarette, but the amount is too small to cause any alarm and harm to the health. The nice thing about vaping is that it is not like tobacco that spews smoke that smells yucky—you can smell soda and candies every time a vaper uses the device.

The strength of electronic cigarettes is the provision of a familiar feeling and experience. Unlike other nicotine replacement devices such as nicotine pouches and gums—electronic cigarettes reprise the feeling and experience of having a physical thing between the finger and the lips.

Doctors agree that even if nicotine replacement is not an excellent way to end the addiction—it is still better than going back into the clutches of tobacco, where it can be deadly.

So why are people trying to convince the government to push for a ban on vaping?

Children. People concerned about young children and adolescent folks pick up the addiction and use the devices to get their nicotine fix.

The problem is that 90 percent of nicotine addicts started smoking as young people. So the lure and the luster of tobacco are highest among the young segment of the population. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that most people are entangled with nicotine addiction when they are young and thus living life in despair, wanting to quit smoking but can’t. And this is a good way for politicians to make a name for themselves at the expense of the smoking public.

Politicians will ride at the crest of a popular clamor, especially from health officials and parents worried that electronic cigarettes can attract young people to smoking. Often, health advocates point out the surveys conducted and quoted most of the time by the CDC about teenage electronic cigarette use. For example, the National Youth Tobacco Survey said that the number of young people in the middle school and high school levels doubled in 2012 compared to 2011.

As politicians work their way to prevent people from vaping and increase the minimum age to buy vapes, they neglect the most influential people in this episode—the smokers.

The smokers are getting sidelined in this whole shebang. Their welfare is not getting addressed. Why is it that vaping has become illegal to do inside bars when people under 21 years old are not allowed to buy it? It is right to keep the device out of reach of people that are not supposed to use it. But are smokers getting discriminated against and getting pushback with the measures that curtail their freedom to vape anywhere? Vapes are not tobacco, and they should be classified as such.

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