Box bed: how to choose the ideal headboard?

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More than decorative, the item helps to optimize space with more efficiency and comfort.  The headboard is an item that gives more comfort and a lot of elegance to the environment, there may be several models that match all the rest of the decoration, such as wallpapers, floors, mirrors and the same bed a box. This bed accessory, however, must be chosen with care, so that there is no constraint in the installation, both in the aesthetic sense and in the sense of space optimization.



Choosing the Size of Your Headboard


But not only design is an environment. Those who choose to buy a headboard should know that measuring the available space and the size of the object in advance is essential, preventing the room from becoming too cramped or even making installation impossible. The headboards have measurements based on the type of bed, whether a box bed with base or a bed box with trunk. Coleyhome has set aside some measures to help you choose.


  • Super King Bed – 193 x 203cm
  • National King Bed – 186 x 198cm
  • Queen Bed – 158x198cm
  • Double Bed (Standard) – 138x188cm
  • Single Bed – 100x203cm
  • Single Bed (Standard) – 88x188cm


Suggested measures are only base measures, and do not necessarily needed to be used as rules. Quite the contrary: choosing a headboard with a gap may be the missing detail for the environment. There is no right or wrong measurement for the item's height, but the taller model can be an outlet for decorating with shelves, pictures, lights and mirrors, as well as being more comfortable for those who usually sit while studying or watching a movie in the TV.




At headboards the most common ones are manufactured in MDP or MDF materials on their base, while the rest is at the discretion of the manufacturer. The wooden models are the most classic and timeless, and are often decorated with non-linear frames, as they stand out in the asymmetry of the headboard. This choice gives the environment a cleaner, yet very elegant, atmosphere.


The famous upholstered headboard – is the choice of the romantic and sophisticated. But beware: if you have any type of respiratory allergy, synthetic and leather fabrics are the most suitable, as they accumulate less dust and are easier to clean. The versatility allows the choice of different colors, using and abusing the most striking ones – whether they match the old or new decorations –; or even more neutral ones, such as white and pastel tones.


Finishing touch – optimizing your room


The headboard, at first glance, may seem like a purely aesthetic object, but it is able to help organize and optimize space very efficiently. The variety of models allows for more versatility, as there are a wide variety of headboards for all tastes. Opting for a model with a nightstand is a great option for those who have room to spare, as they are always useful and set a differential. The mirrors, on the other hand, sometimes used on the headboard or above it, help to give a feeling of spaciousness, reinforcing the symmetry and decoration of the environment. But remember: before choosing headboards with extra spaces like angles and nightstands, you need to make sure the room has enough space – as it will take up much more space than a standard-sized custom upholstered bed.