How to treat Yeast/Toilet infection, irregular menstruation, Low Libido, Difficulties in getting Pregnant and many more

Today i will like to talk on this combo

Combo is a combination of Cloves, Garlic, Tumeric and Ginger. Steps involve in preparing the Combo are as Follows; peel and slice your Ginger, Garlic and Tumeric, wash them with the cloves and put them in a plastic container then add water. Allow in the container for a minimum of 48 hours andd a maximum of 72 hours.

Take half a cup first thing in the morning before meals and last thing at night before bed. Take as long as you feel the need to.

NB: it can be taken by both male and female.

-Children above the ages of 16

-It can be taken by singles

-Going to get pregnant ladies that is for those working on getting pregnant.

-By couples wanting to boost their sexual Libido.

        DO NOT TAKE

-During your ovulation and most especially your fertile days. The best time for those wanting to conceive is to take while menstruating.

-Do not take when you are not sure if conception has occured.

-Not to be taken by Pregnant and nursing mothers.

-Not to be taken while on drugs or other medications.

-Not to be taken if you have n ulcer, some of the ingredients will trigger the ulcer and aggravate it.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the mixture kindly discontinue immediately.


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