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The steps fir Christian marriage lifes




One of the things I have learnt about marriage and this life is that the only thing that are hard are  usually the things you don't know. If you don't know how to drive, driving will be hard for you, but people that knows how to drive finds it so easy to do. So immediately you learn about something, it will become so easy for you.


The reason people are afraid of marriage is because they don't know how to do marriage, they don't understand the principles of marriage, once you understand marriage, you will know how marriage works. Here are some of the secret of marriage.


* Choose well: Marriage is about right choices, it about the quality of people in the Marriage. Is not just about how anointed or intelligent you are, if you join with someone who donot have the same qualities as you have, that marriage will only take the grace of God to work out. You may be great, you may be anointed, but as long the person you are joined with someone that is not suitable for you , that marriage will not end well.


Marriage is too heavy for one person to carry , that is one of the major things that bring frustration in Marriage, why will someone carry the whole thing while it is meant for the two people involved in it,  If you understand from the beginning that you have to choose the right person, you have to make right choice, I guarantee you that you won't suffer in marriage because the choice of how your marriage will be is dependent on you. 


In choosing well, choose the right person. How can you marry an unbeliever and expect  him or her to have the characteristics of a God fearing person, it is not possible so before you marry, make sure he or she is born again because it takes two people who have the same belief to work together.


* Power of prayer: A prayerless marriage is bound to fail,  someone that is praying can never suffer in marriage. Prayer helps most when it comes to marriage so don't have a prayerless marriage.


* Allow God to make things right, allow God to choose for you because God will never give a marriage that won't end well, so allow God to make a choice for you.


God bless you!!!

Munsho Yinkfu

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