KR in addition to the NA Versions of Lost Ark
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KR in addition to the NA Versions of Lost Ark

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Special Station Missions. When you reach level 50, and complete the level 50 and completing the quest "Ealyn's Requirement" In north Vern will unlock Chaos Dungeons and, by extension special missions for your station. Special missions work the same way as traditional station missions. They also provide endgame loot, taking the place of the usual endgame activities.

For example, a Chaos Dungeon special mission will bring Chaos Dungeon loot when completed alongside your typical station missions. Mission rewards. These count towards your daily limit for endgame (Chaos Dungeon resonance Guardian Raid soul extractions and so on). more information about this machine.

In the Korean client may eventually access a pet ranch that permits the owners to transform their pets in resource producers. You can select up to four pets that will work in your ranch and create cookies over time. Cookies can be given for a purchase to enhance your pets' abilities or purchase new pets completely. Because of the different pets between KR in addition to the NA Versions of Lost Ark, this system isn't nearly as useful when it comes to carrying across between versions.

We've mentioned this before in our guide but the mechanic is so potent that it merits its own page. By using the menus for knowledge transfer or training, you can avoid leveling your other characters completely. This is different from the Powerpass available upon reaching the level 50 mark; this feature doesn't have limited uses.

The training camp cannot be locked when you reach level 52 on any character. This system lets you raise the levels of your alternative characters for free. It is only possible to increase the level of the level of your alts by two points below your maximum level by using this method, however it doesn't cost you gold. You'll still be able to play as characters who are currently in at the camp for training, so make certain to use this option.

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