RuneScape - I'd suggest purchasing 70 attacking
RuneScape - I'd suggest purchasing 70 attacking Jan 24

RuneScape - I'd suggest purchasing 70 attacking

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I'd suggest purchasing 70 attacking, strong, defense range and mage prior to making a barrow. You don't need that only 70 mage and 50 ranged MSB or mithril bolts on Zanik's C'bow. It's been working for me. However, I've seen better results today.

Optional: Get DT done for Ice burst, or unless you have 55 slayers in which scenario I'm guessing you could utilize magic dart. If you do that though you'll want a canifis portal at home which will require completion of DT (or it will take longer to get there however, what the heck). You don't need to finish DT however it's a exciting quest and you'll be looking to get it done soon or in time, and having it completed now would be useful. If you don't require, 70 att,def,str,range and mage would help greatly. Magic dart is an excellent alternative...

Seriously, what do I'm talking about melee levels? You really, really absolutely don't require them. Barrows runs work without the need for them. I'm sure 70 defense may help however, if you're using Ice magics, you don't need to use melee. Not at all. Karil is lost in magic, while ahrim is slow to range.

Although I'm not a fan of more than 1 run one time, but that's because I'm just not able to make it to the end of my maze. (This wasn't until I was able to master some of the levels you've mentioned). I'm sure I could do 2-3 miles at a time.

70 defence is very very highly effective with Blitz to Sally, which is one of the best methods(if you aren't able to access to turm/chaotics etc etc). Attack and strength increase speed the ahrim, but it's not needed and 70 mage should be considered recommended, but it is recommended to use 82.

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