RuneScape - My typical melee equipment includes d-long
RuneScape - My typical melee equipment includes d-long Jan 19

RuneScape - My typical melee equipment includes d-long

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My typical melee equipment includes d-long, Neitz, the top of verac, torag legs Obby shelf, trimmed str .. and d-boots. My typical mage gear can be described as mystic's bottom verac's highest, the obby shielf, sol arcane pulse and .. idk. Before you start yelling at me, I generally play at Castle Wars where there are plenty of airy melee, and range kids who love to cut me to pieces. Yeah. I was involved in Pest Control often and so I'll likely drop back there again.

What should I do? Many things have changed! To get started with Dungeoneering this is how I'd do: Max prestige by resetting after having completed all floors. Be sure to notice when you will level up so that you don't get a cut on the extra prestige. The first few levels that go up to 59 have the lowest xp of all. Once you reach the 59+ Dung level You will begin doing abandoned 2 which will give more exp than the previous of course.

To reach these levels, you can use the ToG as well as XP Lamps/Effigies on Dungeoneering. Then do 1-29 on c1 and 30+ with c6 man larges (with five man difficulty) which is 5:5 larges in the essence. Once you have reached Abandoned Two floors and beyond Upgrade your Ring to Berserker level 5. C stands for complexity. It determines the skills that are utilized within the dung and the amount of exp reduction you receive.

The starting point is 50% at 1 complexity all the way to no reduction after 6. Prestige is the number of floors you did not repeat. Abandoned is the fourth floor in the dung. Starts at Frozen from floors 1-11. Abandoned 1, at 12-17, Furnished 18-29, abandoned 2 between 30-35. Occult between 36-47, and Warped after 48+.

Your goal is to reach floor 36, which has the highest xp per the dungeon (based off my experiences). The 1-29 I mentioned is the floors you complete using complexity 1, and complexity 6 with five players in a large Dungeon using a five-man difficulty. Pay no mind to the difficulty while working on these floors as it is best to choose five.

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