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Cade Cunningham (Oklahoma State) (PG)

Oklahoma State are an average team if it weren't for Cade Cunningham. I think they are a March Madness player, but they would not be a projected number 4 seed in the tournament and definitely not rated No. 12 in the country. Some other key stats to note about Cunningham is that he shoots 45.5% in the field, 42.5percent from 3pt, and shoots 85.4% from the stripe. With stats like he's been producing this year, Cunningham deserved every ounce of the awards.

It's almost a guarantee that whoever lands the #1 overall pick, will end up drafting Cade Cunningham. I really don't see Oklahoma State having any chance of winning this years March Madness tournament, but Cade Cunningham will do everything in his power to bring the Cowboys as far as you can. Since there's absolutely no recent NCAA basketball game to playwith, you'll need to wait till NBA 2K22 is released prior to getting your hands on Cunningham, but he is almost locked up to be part of the game when it's released later on this season.

In 2021, when you find the words Gonzaga you automatically think of the March Madness champion contenders. If the 26-0 undefeated record wasn't enough to get your attention, how about a stat that the previous 23 games that Gonzaga has played were all won by double digits. Jalen Suggs was a massive contributor to Gonzaga's magic season up to now. Jalen Suggs for his 2020-2021 effort stands in a mean of 14.3 PPG in 24 matches played this season. Suggs can also be shooting 51.2% in the field, 35.4% from outside the arc, and an average of 73.9% from the free throw line. His most remarkable state by far is his 51.2% shooting percentage from the area. Every time Suggs has obtained a shot this season it mathematically has had a better chance of moving in then not.

The largest concern from his stats this year is that the middle of the pack 73.9 FT%. As most of us know, free throws are one of the most important facets of a baseball game, especially in the NCAA. However, Jalen Suggs stats shouldn't take away from his entire game. This is a guy with fantastic vision that is able to make scoring opportunities on the drop of a button whilst also being a great general shooter. Suggs showcases an excellent two way sport and is a significant reason why he'd be perfect for the NBA. Expect to see Jalen Suggs on an NBA team in NBA 2K22.

In case you haven't gotten the chance to watch any University of Southern California games as of late then you have not been able to witness an absolute tower of an individual being. Evan Mobley stands at 7 ft tall. He is a massively tall dude with tons of gift and is incredibly hard to guard given his tall height. Evan Mobley has played in 27 games this year and have averaged 16.1 PPG in these 27 games. Rebounding play a massive roll basketball and it's very tough to prevent Mobley from getting rebounds as a result of his size. Not only on the defensive rebounds, but the offensive rebounds enables USC to get more opportunities for second chance factors, which helps your odds of winning games.

The NBA scouts will be keeping an even closer look at Evan Mobley when the March Madness tournament gets under way. The combo of size and athletic ability are two enormous resources that NBA scouts will be craving for to their group. It is not an issue of if Evan Mobley will be drafted, it is merely an issue of how ancient will he be drafted. In any event, we can expect to see Evan Mobley on a group in NBA 2K22 later this year.

NBA 2K22 is gearing up to bring the very long standing basketball name into a new era this year on next gen consoles, but they can not quit delivering on PC. Although the game keeps growing next gen, here is all there is to know about NBA 2K22 on PC. Right now, details about NBA 2K22 are rare, but we need to know more in the upcoming few months when the game is officially announced.
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