RuneScape - They give a slightly worse advantage to your attacks
RuneScape - They give a slightly worse advantage to your attacks Dec 31

RuneScape - They give a slightly worse advantage to your attacks

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This is a second weapon after your bone shooting companion. With Magic Shortbow you can use Rune archers to destroy your foes. It has a special attack that lets you hit twice with a single shot. You can also infuse your Magic Shortbow with a special scroll, which is available for very cheap at Grand Exchange. This will greatly improve the accuracy of this weapon, and will also lower the cost of special attacks between 55% and 50 55% to 50%.

From level 61 you should start with Rune Crossbow which is able to shoot Bolts up to the Runite tier. It has better overall stats than Magic Shortbow but does not come with a unique attack. If you're Level 55 Slayer, you may utilize Broad Bolts which are a less expensive alternative to Runite ammunition.

They give a slightly worse advantage to your attacks, but they are priced more than four times that. If you're not able afford Rune Bolts or don't meet Slayer specifications for Broad Bolts you should stick with Magic Shortbow equipped with Rune Arrows. This weapon should be used as your primary weapon until 75 as better weapons are very expensive to acquire as well as to use generally.

At level 64 you can make use of a superior alternative to Rune Crossbow. This is an expensive weapon because its cost is by 4 mil. Dragon Crossbow is the first one to shoot Dragon Bolts which are better than the Rune alternative , but costs considerably more. If you have the money to spend this is your most appropriate weapon for you, but if not , you can skip this part.

Similarly like Dragon Crossbow, this is an extremely small increase to your Ranged ability, but it will cost you lots. If you're in a position to pay for it make sure you take it out, however if you do not then you should probably skip this aspect. As we mentioned earlier, the need to boost your skill is minimal and the cost is enormous.

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