There are other achievements as well
There are other achievements as well Dec 31

There are other achievements as well

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The old bone yard was my favorite is gone. I hope this will return. Do you have any players that are aware of the battlegrounds from the past? Dark castle was empty. I had a much more extensive list of things to add, but now I'm not sure what to add. There could be more things that I can add.

The Routine: We often see these merchanting clans pick certain items every few days and then wait for a certain time to market them at a much higher rate. This is due to the fact that they earn a profit and everybody else is afflicted by inflammation.
What are the clan leaders taking a look at? How does one decide which items are most appropriate for merchandise? It's as simple as jagex will inform you. The Grand Exchange section of the website can be found here. This section gives information on the changing prices in the in-game runescape markets.

The section that you will be looking at is most likely to be 'Price Drops because it's the place where you can find the best items to sell to. It is the simplest and reliable way to make money. As other players are aware of it, the more you buy and the more you purchase, the more your prise rises.

Here are some suggestions to make use of the 100 most popular item drops. You just have to watch out for things like 'air runes' where there are too many available on the market to purchase for yourself! Save your money for certain items such as armor or ores fish(raw as well as cooked) and other basic items.

It is important to ensure that the item you're searching for has diminished in value only on a daily basis and monthly. Ignore any item that has been reduced in price more than 180 days prior. Don't buy anything that have decreased more than 4 percent in the last 7 days. This has led to huge losses.

Special Items: These products aren't usually included as top 100. Merchant clans are the way that merchants make their money. It takes them approximately an hour to research prices for items that were known in the past to have gone from rock bottom or even sky-high in just three days.

You can search the internet to find these products (I will provide a list for anyone who is interested) or you can use a program that finds the best merch for the week. (I have seen one. It's on my laptop, since it's homemade). These items aren't easy to locate even though the majority of them are necessities like food and "skilling". Here's my top list of merchandise for short durations of time. Please feel free to share it with your acquaintances so that you can raise prices by purchasing more unique items!

Here's my top ten list of merch partners who I sell my products to... This list is not available to be sold as I'm finished with trading in Runescape and concentrate on my skills. All the best! :huh: (Oh and sorry for posting this in the wrong place, transfer it to the correct place if you must)
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