This fact remains true in NBA 2K22
This fact remains true in NBA 2K22 Nov 25

This fact remains true in NBA 2K22

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Men with big bodies are in high demand when it comes to choosing which team to play for with NBA 2K22. These are the teams most poised to win a title with MyPlayer at the rim.

Basketball has always demanded a solid center. Although the three-pointer has gained popularity, teams seek out a shot in the paint before trying to hit a long distance shot. This fact remains true in NBA 2K22 in which teams with weak centers see themselves being battered into submission.

There are plenty of teams that require centers, but not all of them are worthy of one. There are only a handful of teams that are just one player away from winning the championship. The teams that will be the ones to take MyPlayer all the way to the summit of the mountain in NBA 2K22.

The most important thing is that the player doesn't have the chance to start until their OVR exceeds what is the OVR of the starter regardless of how well they play or what kind of stats they boast. Therefore, the first step is to locate the team that has a center that is 80 OVR or less.

After that, the team needs to be solid. In particular for centers, If the guards are weak and the team is not strong, opponents will be able to pour down threes , and they won't have anything they can do about it. The way you control your paint can make an impact on the game, but even the most veteran players won't be able to control all things.

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