NBA2K surpasses the shadow of the NBA
NBA2K surpasses the shadow of the NBA Oct 28

NBA2K surpasses the shadow of the NBA

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NBA 2K13 includes the brand-new physics engine that allows for better collisions in real-time as well as each player character having an ability mechanic, which allows the game to be more fluid when compared to its predecessors.

NBA2K surpasses the shadow of the NBA prior to the series' next-generation launch. In less than a month players bought over 5 million copies of NBA2K21. That's an astounding amount even for a franchise that has witnessed steady growth over the recent years. As per Apple Insider, the law for requiring licenses doesn't have a new meaning. It's likely to be one among the most popular releases for the next-generation consoles.

Apple didn't enforce the licensing requirements for developers who wanted their products to be accessible in China. After four years of ignoring the licensing laws, Apple started to send out notices to app developers notifying them that they had until June 30, 2020 in order to obtain a licence, or they'd be taken off the store for apps.

Tens of thousands devs decided not to submit a request for a license to China. They instead agreed to let Apple take their apps away from Chinese players. Reuters reports that only 74 of 1,500 most popular games were given the China license this is less than 5% of compliance.

It wasn't just the indie developers that chose to not apply for an app license, either. Some of the games were also removed from Apple's app store by large developers such as Take-Two or Ubisoft. The current state of affairs is that NBA 2k as well as Assassin's Creed Identity can't be downloaded from the Apple app store if you're in China. Prior to the December 31 app purge, another 94,000 had been removed from the app store. This brings the total loss for 2020 to 140,000 apps.

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