The NBA 2K League is an Esports competition
The NBA 2K League is an Esports competition Oct 22

The NBA 2K League is an Esports competition

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The NBA is just like any other sports or entertainment league, it lives and dies through its fans. The entertainment they provide is contingent on the number of viewers they get, and naturally they'd like to increase their audiences as wide as they can to make the most revenue.The NBA gets pretty creative in the way it promotes the league and how it attracts viewers. The NBA 2K League is an Esports competition.

Despite its almost universal appeal but the NBA is not without problems, especially in terms of viewership. The average number of viewers for the NBA Finals, which featured the Los Angeles Lakers as well as the Miami Heat, was a small 7.5 million during six games. This is 51% less than NBA Finals 2019, where the Toronto Raptors overtook the Golden State Dynasty.

For a more comprehensive view, the most viewed game in NBA history was Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals at which Michael Jordan famously won his sixth championship in the series against the Stockton and Malone Utah Jazz. The game drew 35.9 million viewers.

Although there are many theories as to why NBA ratings are dropping in the wake of the politicization the sport with LeBron's dominance coronavirus panademic as well as the trend towards superteams which are easy to leave There are many topics for fans to discuss.

However, one thing is for certain. NBA fans are awestruck by their drama. Intriguing stories like the final chapter of Jordan's NBA career with the Bulls as well as the NBA's 2016 Cavaliers incredible comeback against the Warriors and the 2010 showdown between the Lakers and the Celtics are great television and the ratings prove this.

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