Rsgoldfast - The best solution is to get rid of quickchat
Rsgoldfast - The best solution is to get rid of quickchat Aug 31

Rsgoldfast - The best solution is to get rid of quickchat

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It is also important to note that some people are muted in a way that is not fair and are a distinct issue. My argument is against people who deliberately cause chaos within the community, causing disruption to the peace and break up friendships.

So what do you think? Do we continue as before, let people stay as they were before the mute? Become more harsh and strict? Or reduce the punishment? I'm not sure. My opinion is that the muting technique isn't working. This is due to two factors: quickchat has eliminated the reason for muting.

The best solution is to get rid of quickchat. Will that be effective? It could, but it will not suffice to stop people from being angered. Get rid of the players. Maybe, but there would be a loss of community members, those who are the ones who help in the game's growth. In short, it's the mentality of the people behind the offence that needs sorting out, but that's a real person, and it's a virtual game. Is it possible to change the person? It ought to have given you some ideas. Let me conclude by asking the same question I started with: do mutes actually work? We thank you for your time.

Botting programs should not be discussed here. I will report your post quickly to a moderator . Being a free player, and having played before the trade restrictions, I was full aware of the bots there were playing. Now that there are restrictions on trade, logic would denote that macroing has shifted from the private 'Gold Farmers' sector to the public "Players" sector, and Gold Farmers would have pretty all moved on.

After seeing a macroing tool at a friend, and witnessing them cutting wood during the escalating rate of 99 woodcutting, I am able to quickly tell if someone using the tool. JaGeX introduced restrictions on trade to safeguard botters. It didn't work. It only altered the way that private 'Gold Farmers,' earn money. What they do now is sell botting software on the internet to Players. While there are no cost botting programs.

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