NBA 2K22 has made some pretty huge changes to
NBA 2K22 has made some pretty huge changes to Aug 25

NBA 2K22 has made some pretty huge changes to

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NBA 2K22 has made some pretty huge changes to how shooting works. If you are coming off enjoying preceding iterations of this game, you're likely to notice some fairly spectacular changes. Even veterans of this show might wind up whiffing pictures or launching the ball to the crowd here -- that's how different it is in 2021's version of the title. The shooting method in NBA 2K22 revolves more about shooting styles, with an emphasis on how individual players really play the ball. Various styles present different boosts to a player's shot percent based on how tricky their shooting method is. Read on below for some tips about how best to master this virtually arcane system.

NBA 2K22 General Shooting Tips

Ahead of the introduction of the sport, NBA 2K22 gameplay manager himself, Mike Wang, chose into Twitter to discuss a few tips about how shooting functions in the sport (nearly forecasting how gamers would react to the big changes). His tips are:Harness the left trigger in the perfect release time to get a boost; In case you're using the Shot Button, flip off Shot Meter to get a boost; Green release is harder this season, be patient; OR turn off Shot Aiming if you need Shot Timing on Pro Stick like last year.

NBA 2K22 Pro Stick Shooting Tips

If you're keen on utilizing the Guru Stick aiming choices -- that can be turned on by default -- then you will want to exercise and get used to the way this mechanic handles. Learning how the system plays out and responds to your inputs is essential. Here are some key tips:Pull the ideal Stick right down: the meter starts near the middle, not to the left or right, therefore correct for that. Once pulled back, nudge the ideal Stick left or right a bit to correct your angle. Try to create your hands as steady as you can. You don't need to manually shoot -- focus on your own goal and maintaining your hands steady and the participant works from the rest automatically. You get it done right you get a bigger increase if you time your shot correctly with the trigger.
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